New Clinical Study for Loss of Smell 

Want your smell back?

With a diminished sense of smell, everything from your morning coffee to your favorite dinner can seem bland and boring. A new study is enrolling people who've had a reduced sense of smell for at least six months due to a viral infection. Take the survey to pre-qualify. 

Losing your sense of smell can be serious 

Hyposmia, or a reduction in the ability to detect odors, can occur for a number of reasons, including Covid and other viral infections. For many people who had Covid, it can take up to two years for their sense of smell to return to normal.¹ Loss of smell can:  

Affect millions of Americans and has increased significantly since the pandemic²

Make it challenging to detect spoiled food, gas leaks, or smoke 

Negatively impact daily quality of life and leave you feeling isolated

Reduce the level of flavor you can detect, often making food unappetizing or unappealing

See if you qualify for a new nasal spray clinical study for people with loss of smell.

You might be a candidate for this study if: 

If you have been frustrated by not being able to smell your favorite scents, if you hate eating now, or you worry that your diminished sense of smell could put you at risk, this new investigational therapy might be a fit for you. 

Symptom Onset 

You might qualify if you are between 18 and 65 and have had loss of smell for more than six months that started around the same time as Covid or another viral infection. 


You might qualify if your hyposmia isn't a result of a traumatic brain injury, don't have a history of nasal polyps, and have not had surgery that led to the onset of hyposmia. 

Advanced Research

You want to help advance research and potentially contribute to developing a new investigational nasal spray therapy that may improve the lives of people suffering with a loss of smell.


2. Boscolo-Rizzo P, Hummel T, Hopkins C, et al. Rhinology. 2021;59(6):517-527. doi:10.4193/Rhin21.249

Take the survey

Fill out the questionnaire to see if you might qualify for this study. If you seem to be a good candidate, someone from our study support team will reach out for additional information and next steps. 

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